Falling Trees

Reviews..What They Are Saying About Falling Trees

“Falling Trees is an exceptionally well-researched glimpse into the complicated world of addiction. I was impressed with not only the vigor of the research but also the way the material was presented.” Annie Grace Author of This Naked Mind 

“Falling Trees is a Must Read for a comprehensive history and understanding of the many aspects of addiction.  The authors do an excellent job of intertwining a recognizable theme with data-driven best practices for treating alcohol and drug addiction. One size does not fit all, and this theme resonates throughout the book along with practical tools for the professional. I was energized with this review and encouraged by the practical examples!! ” Vicki Wahler, MA, Student Support Counselor Gateway Technical College

“Falling Trees, Color Blind Scientists, & Addiction is a great resource for families to understand the many aspects of addiction. At a time when families are overwhelmed this book allows for segments of information to be read at a time and still be valuable to their own situation.” Laura Crain, McHenry Substance Abuse Coalition

“An informative book, full of important information for those of us who want knowledge on Substance Abuse Disorder (SUD), and treatment approaches.  Addresses Harm Reduction, the struggle to commit to either a Discovery or Recovery path, and resources available. Read this book, informative and concise packed with good learning.” Diane Geiser MSW, LCSW, Preceptor Great Lakes Naval Hospital 

“Mark and Janet know exactly how to separate the trees from the forest, allowing the reader to gain a perspective and find a workable pathway to overcoming substance abuse. An informative book for anyone desiring to take back control of their life or the lives of others.” Brian McKenna, LCSW, CAADC Edge Counseling

Falling Trees, Color Blind Scientists & Addiction is a wonderfully written book about the array of options available for behavioral health treatment.  What a captivating and pleasurable read on a topic that is so daunting to both the professional and layperson. Kudos to the authors for giving us such an easy to read and yet such a meaningful book about treatment options in our not one size fits all culture.” Gary S. Cohen, LCSW, CEAP Co-PresidentEmployee Resource Systems

“The contents of the book demonstrate a clear understanding of how the substance abuser and their families experience the prevalence of drug abuse.  The book was able to help those who need the information the most to understand what it is like for the substance abuser to live the life of constantly chasing the immortal high and the substance abuser to know the despair that loved ones feel for the substance abuser as well as for themselves.  The book helps to demonstrate a deeper understanding rather than blaming and written with metaphors to help drive home the reality of the challenges of substance abuse.  This book is a must-read for those who are in the throes of addiction as well as those who are trying to support those with the addictions.  The perspective of substance abuse in the book is one which can demonstrate to the laymen as well as the professional the necessary underpinnings of substance abuse and come up with strategies of how to help everyone involved.  This is a must read!” – Dr. Alice H. Crawford, Ed. D., LCPC

“Mark and Janet Myers have used their vast knowledge and practical experience in the field of addictions and written an exceptional book. Pulling from research and case examples, this book functions as a great read and manual for both experienced therapists and those new to addiction. As a reader and practitioner, I appreciated that from the start Mark and Janet lay out a framework that is based on the individual’s “path” as he/she works through defining the impact of their addiction and understanding their own recovery. Throughout the book, the authors provide a variety of useful exercises, diagrams, and worksheets that can be easily used with clients. I can see this book being used as a practical reference for therapists or introductory class to substance abuse and addiction.” Adam Krieger, LCSW Executive DirectorWarren Township Youth Services

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